Department of Community Services and Parent Resource Centers

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  • Madera Unified School District Believes in parents as true partners in the education of our students. We believe that in collaboration with parents, families, student champions and invested community stakeholders our district is able to deliver an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially and personally transformative for our students.

    The department of Community Services and Parent Resource Centers (CSPRC) was established and designed to provide parents with the resources and tools necessary to support their children's academic success and provide opportunities for parents to be involved and engaged in the education of their children. We do this by and through:

  • 10 Parent Resource Centers district-wide Offer opportunities for parents to develop leadership skills and build personal capacity to support student learning at home. Centers serve the various needs of families through its various programs.

    Parent Education and Skill Building Programming
    Classes consist of free, personal, leadership and skill building capacity for parents. Classes range from Leadership, Academics, Parenting, College & Career Readiness, Health & Wellness, Skill Building, and Adult Classes.

    MUSD Call Center
    Our Call center is designed to facilitate communication between families and the school. Open during non-conventional hours to better support the needs of our parents.


  • Information and Referral
    Includes referrals to agencies, programs, and services in the community like; housing, food, clothing, health and safety, counseling, recreation programs, workforce training, childcare, employment, and more.

    Family Literacy and Math Nights
    Family interactive events operated as knowledge and skill-building experiences that focus on learning strategies. Parents and children learn side-by-side through fun literacy and mathematics activities.

    Parent & Community Engagement Conference
    A district-wide Parent and Community Engagement conference is hosted yearly to provide parents with a unique learning opportunity that includes keynote speakers, educational workshops, and raffle prizes.

    We welcome all MUSD parents to take advantage of the number of resources available and to take part in the academic success of their students by becoming strong partners in the education of their children.

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