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  • Hey Stallions,

    WE BELIEVE every student has a right to a socially, emotionally, and physically safe, positive school environment and students have a responsibility to express themselves and behave towards other students and staff with honesty, respect, and kindness. It is the mission of Madera South High School that all students will graduate with the skills to ensure they
    are caring, competent, critical thinkers who are prepared for college, career, and community success.

    ★ We will be collaborative by being open-minded, listening , and validating each other’s ideas.

    ★ We will be equitable, making sure that everyone feels valued, embracing differences and working through new challenges.

    We will build community partnerships by providing leadership and supporting all of its various members, taking into account the specific needs experienced community-wide, and addressing them all with an interest in serving the whole through serving its parts.

    ★ We aim for innovation not only in our planning but also in the way we approach every aspect of our organization.

    ★ We are results-oriented and focused on the outcome of our tasks.

    We are high-achieving and will not compromise our high expectations.

    We will ensure that decisions are made student - centered and focused on their needs. 


  • → Madera Minutes

    The Madera Unified Communications Department plays a crucial role in supporting /filming the district's mission of "creating and sustaining a culture, enabling Madera Unified students to experience an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially and personally transformative.

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  • → Community Newsletter

    Our districts weekly newsletters are used to engage with our students, parents, and staff. Madera Unified frequently mentions past and future events.

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  • → Be a Hero , Not a Bully

    Bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety at school and can negatively impact their ability to learn. The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts. Click here to learn more about bullying prevention.

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Madera Unified will set the standard for hard work, creativity and resiliency with a fearless drive to continuously improve.

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Graduate Profile

The Graduate Profile is a framework that outlines six skill areas that are important for everyone to master for success in school, career, and life. For our schools, the Graduate Profile provides a focus for teaching and learning. For students, it serves as a challenging set of elements to demonstrate by the time they graduate.