Furman High School will provide a positive and rigorous learning environment that challenges all students to reach their academic and career goals while developing cultural, global and critical thinking skills for college and career readiness upon graduation.


    The mission of Furman High School is to enhance student’s behavioral, academic and socio- emotional skills by providing them a safe, respectful, flexible and rigorous learning environment in order for students to excel academically within all their classes.

    Students at Furman can continue their education in the independent study setting while working to develop the skills, habits, and attitudes that will allow them to be successful in pursuing life goals.

    At Furman High School, the teacher and student meet in person at designated appointment times. The teacher provides the student books and materials with instructions and assigns the student five or more days of school work each week. The work is to be completed at home by the student before the next appointment. The completed work is evaluated and graded by the teacher at the next meeting, before additional work is assigned. Unit tests and/or projects are required. It is imperative that students and parents understand that the length and frequency of appointments are determined by student needs.

    When the student comes in for appointments, the teacher explains anything that the student does not understand. If a student has questions regarding at-home assignments, he/she can telephone the teacher for clarification or arrange to come in for extra help. In an independent study high school, the teacher provides instruction and encouragement, but the student must apply his/her own self-discipline and motivation to actually get the work done on his/her own time. Student progress is assessed through assignments completed and assessments such as tests, quizzes or performance tasks are given.

    Parents and guardians of students are encouraged to become as involved as possible. They are required to attend the initial enrollment orientation with their son or daughter to learn about the program. Parents are expected to review assignments and evaluations brought home after each appointment. There is a place for a parent signature on the student's assignment sheet. If additional information or assistance is needed, parents should call the teacher, principal, or counselor. Duane E. Furman High School (FHS) was founded in 1987 as an independent study high school to provide an alternative school for students in Madera. It is fully accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    Duane E. Furman High School (FHS) was founded in 1987 as an independent study high school to provide an alternative school for students in Madera.  It is fully accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO's)


    • Integrate and leverage technology across all disciplines to increase achievement levels
    • Apply critical and creative thinking skills in the classroom, workplace and community
    • Develop and demonstrate effective social, cultural and emotional character traits


    • Assume responsibility for academic choices and personal actions
    • Explore career paths and post graduate options
    • Demonstrate leadership, character and responsibility


    • Active collaboration
    • Application of course studies in a career pathway as technology becomes more accessible
    • Accepting individuality while integrating cultural and global competence


    • Generate solutions to real life problems and situations
    • Develop perseverance
    • Improvise, adapt and overcome


    By instilling:


    • Wear appropriate clothing at all times
      • clothing depicting gang affiliation, drugs and alcohol, weapons and violence is not permitted
    • Take your hat and/or hood off inside the office and in all classrooms
    • Sit appropriately on chairs; sitting on tables and desks is not permitted; feet on tables and chairs is not permitted
    • Your hair color must follow dress code
      • Natural highlights (blonde, light and neutral colors) are acceptable
    • Turn your cellphone off during testing and/or during class time
      • Teachers can allow students to use their cell phones only for instructional purposes in a structured manner


    • Assume best intentions from others
    • Listen with the intent to understand
    • Use respectful language at all times toward fellow students, staff, visitors and teachers inside the office, classroom and all outside areas


    • Work with teachers and the counselor to improve your grades
    • Be a stakeholder and remind other students to follow and adhere to Furman and MI-JSD dress code and behavior expectations


    • Be on time to classes
    • Meet with teachers on a regular basis
    • Communicate with teachers through emails, phone or in person
    • Track your grades and credits for graduation, be proactive
    • Be proactive in creating a positive school and learning environment


    • Get involved in school activities and sports
    • Take an active part in student leadership and decision-making
    • Give your feedback during leadership student nominations and student surveys
    • Think globally and act locally

     School Climate:

    • Positive attitude and use of positive words
    • During breakfast and lunch, throw trash away and keep your campus clean