• Appointments are scheduled at least once a week with the master teacher. but additional appointments may be scheduled as often as the teacher feels they are needed.  Any student needing to pass one or both Exit Exam(s) will be required to attend additional days. Appointments are mandatory. Appointments are set by the teacher and are usually at the same time and place each week. An assignment sheet is kept up to date for each student, which shows time/date/location for the next appointment. Students are obligated to be present and on time to appointments. They must bring all completed assignments and any partially completed assignments to the teacher.
    • Serious illness is the only legitimate reason that may be accepted for missing an appointment. Non-emergency doctor appointments or other business appointments will not be accepted as valid reasons for missing the Furman appointment. Absences must be reported by a parent/guardian before the missed appointment. All assignments must be completed and turned in weekly and new assignments made by the teacher must be picked up that week. If more than one illness excuse occurs, the teacher may require a doctor's note. A counseling appointment will be made if there are repeated absences.
    • If a student misses an appointment or falls 5 days behind, the parent will be contacted by letter or phone. If a student misses a second appointment or falls 10 days behind, the parent will be contacted by letter and a phone call. If a student fails to keep three appointments or becomes 15 days deficient in assigned work, he/she can be dropped and referred to SARB (School Attendance Review Board). In addition, any agencies that a disenrolled student is involved with will be notified. Students who are removed for misbehavior, lack of cooperation, failure to keep appointments, or lack of work will be referred for placement in a different program.
    • A parent/guardian must come to the school office to pick up their student if they are going to be leaving school before their assigned time is completed.

    Furman Students are expected to abide by the conditions of their agreements and to treat all persons encountered at Furman (students, staff, parents, etc.) with dignity and respect. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. The Madera Unified School District codes for dress and for behavior are strictly enforced at Furman. Students are not permitted to loiter on campus. They must be attending classes or studying in designated areas. Once a student arrives on campus, FHS students can not leave campus. They are to stay on campus until they are picked up to go home. Students that need a place to work between their appointments may work in the Furman conference room or in their master teacher work area.

    Books and other educational materials are issued to students. Students who lose books or materials will be required to pay for them before they will receive another book, report card, or transcript.

    Terms of Enrollment

    1. Furman High School is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Course requirements and curriculum have been adopted by the Madera Unified School District Board of Education. Counseling and teaching staff and school resources including, but not limited to, library, all FHS labs, R.O.P. classes, etc., are available to independent study students.
    2. The student will complete the courses listed on the reverse side of the agreement during the semester and report to his/her assigned teacher one-on-one or in small groups. Alternative methods of reporting must be pre-arranged on a basis of need. Course objectives will be consistent with MUSD guidelines. Credit is based upon completion of assigned work and tests. The maximum number of credits earned per semester is 50, including credits earned through Work Experience and Community Enrichment.
    3. The minimum amount of work to be completed each week is 5 assigned days. Attendance is based on the amount of work submitted and not on seat time. Assigned work may be turned in late for academic credit only. Meetings with the teacher will be scheduled according to the needs of the student. A minimum of one meeting each week is expected so that the teacher may monitor student progress. The teacher may keep record of grades, credits, attendance on the Student Assignment Card. The maximum time allowed between the assignment date and the due date shall be six weeks or 30 school days.
    4. There are no excused absences. Serious illness is the only reason accepted for missed appointments. Parents are to contact a teacher prior to any missed appointment, to bring in and pick up new assignments. Students must attend their first meeting with the teacher or they will be dropped immediately. An SST will be held for any student that fails to comply with the Master Agreement, turns in consistently substandard work, and/or continually misses assigned scheduled meetings. Any student who falls 15 days behind will be dropped, and an evaluation will be made as to whether the student should continue in independent study or return to a seat time program for his/her best interest.
    5. Student under 18 years old: The student is to be at home or under the supervision of the parent/guardian during the school day (8:45 a.m. to 3: 15 p.m.) and to stay away from other MUSD campuses unless authorized by FHS.
    6. The parent/guardian hereby gives permission for the student to be given standardized academic tests as needed.
    7. Students must return all books and take care of any financial obligations to MUSD prior to grades being released or records sent to other schools.
    8. This agreement acknowledges receipt of the Furman High School Parent-Student Handbook. Students are responsible to familiarize themselves with the information in it.
    9. This agreement informs parent/guardians that independent study is an optional, educational program in which no pupil may be required to participate. If a student is referred pursuant to Ed Code 48917 or 48915, a regular classroom offering must have also been included as an option for the student.
    10. My continued enrollment in Furman High School will be based upon my compliance with all the terms and conditions of this Master Agreement.
    11. Students must follow all dress code and discipline policies of MUSD.