During the past two years, our Student Leadership Club has been reorganized to better serve all our students and school. Two of the goals for our Leadership Club is to improve student participation in school activities and to help them feel more "connected" to our school. Our Student Leadership Club has been active in planning and organizing positive activities and events for both students and staff. Their involvement has brought a sense of school spirit to our school.

    Students can serve on our Student Leadership Club in the following elected offices: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These offices are filled by elected officers from within our student body. Elections are held once in the Fall semester and Spring semester. Officers are elected for one entire semester. Students can also serve in the Leadership Club as a Senator. Furman's teachers can each nominate a student to represent them as a Senator. Our Leadership Club meets once a week.

    Community Enrichment is an elective at Furman High School. It offers students a volunteer experience in providing service to the community as well as an opportunity to learn many of the skills necessary for employment. Assignments are a mutual decision between the student, the supervisor, and the Furman teacher based upon student interest and availability. Students agree to volunteer a specific number of hours per week. They receive one credit for every 15 hours of volunteer work. The maximum number of credits that can be earned per semester through community enrichment is 10; a total of 40 can be applied towards graduation.

    The Furman counselor is available to help students with academic, vocational, and personal goals. The counseling office is open Monday 8:00-11:00 am and Tuesday-Thursday, 8:00 am-3:30 pm on regular school days. Student programs and individual records are kept in this office. Information and advice about grades, report cards, graduation requirements, records, changes in program, and courses of study are available through the counselor. The counselor is also available to help students with personal issues.  The counselor is able to assist with information about college programs and college entrance requirements, scholarships, financial aid, and post-high school training opportunities. In order to see the counselor, the student should make an appointment.

    Furman High School has a Safety Plan which is developed by a committee consisting of staff and parents. The plan is updated annually and approved by the Furman High School Site Council. Copies of the plan are available to parents upon request.

    Twice a year, Furman High School hosts a Senior Night. This is an important event for parents and students to learn about post-graduation opportunities. Senior Night is held each semester.

    Students who need financial assistance to help pay for college or vocational school costs are urged to apply for scholarships through their Furman counselor. Various local, regional, and state scholarships are available.

    A school psychologist is on call to provide resource support to staff, students and parents, to complete psycho-educational evaluations for diagnostic and prescriptive purposes, and to work with other social, medical, or law enforcement agencies as appropriate.

    ROP courses are offered to juniors and seniors in Madera Unified high schools. Most of these classes meet daily on the MHS or MSHS campuses. They are open to students who are 16 years of age or older. The goals for ROP are to provide vocational training for entry-level jobs, retraining or upgrading of existing job skills, and preparation for more advanced training at institutions of higher education (community colleges, trade schools, etc.). Some ROP courses generally available to FHS students are automotive technology, careers in criminal justice, childcare occupations, computer repair, restaurant services, and diesel engines. Furman students wishing to enroll in ROP classes should speak with the counselor.

    The Furman Office will issue passes to students who have a legitimate reason to visit another campus. Students who attend ROP classes on the MHS or MSHS campuses will be provided with ROP I.D. Cards. Furman students who do not have passes may not be on the Madera High or Madera South High campuses or any other campus during school hours.

    Students who are doing Community Enrichment at other schools in the Madera Unified School District are to report to the office of the school where they are assigned; they must follow the procedures and rules of that particular school site.

    The Madera Community College Center (MCCC) offers a placement test (not an entrance exam) to assess English and Math. Information about this test or about the community college is available from our counselor, or from MCCC staff who visit Furman regularly.

    Students who need transcripts or other student records are required to fill out a transcript request form five days in advance of the day that it is needed. The request form is available from the registrar. Formal identification is required in order to pick up the transcript or record.