To be on track, students in Madera Unified should have the following credits by the end of the year:

    Freshman -------- 60 credits (0-60)
    Sophomore ----- 120 credits (60-120)
    Junior ----------- 170 credits (121-170)
    Senior ---------- 230 credits (171-230)

    Furman High School uses district-approved curriculum materials, found in other 9-12 programs in Madera Unified. Course specific assessments in all academic areas are given. Student that need additional help in Science or Math can attend support classes or request extra time with their teachers.

    Furman High School offers all student courses in different modalities: Face to Face and Online.  An English and Math Paraprofessional are available to provide student support in English, ELD and Math.

    To earn a diploma from Furman High School, a student must have attained the following: 230 credits earned in specific areas (including Algebra), a 2.0 overall grade point average (GPA), and must also meet the minimum standards of our District-Mandated Mock Interview and complete their Senior Portfolio.

    A hard-working student may earn approximately 30 credits per semester at Furman. The maximum number of credits that can be earned per semester is 50. (Student must be working on grade level material.) Credit limits include credits earned through Work Experience, Community Enrichment, ROP, and/or Adult Education. 


    • 80 Electives
    • 40 - English
    • 30 - Math (1 year Algebra I)
    • 20 - Physical Education
    • 10 - World History
    • 10 - U.S. History
    • 10 - Fine arts or foreign language
    • 10 - Earth Science
    • 10 - Biology
    • 5 - Civics
    • 5 - Economics

    Course requirements and sequencing Grades 9 - 12
    (Numbers in parenthesis are the required number of credits)

    GRADE 9

    • English (10 credits)
    • Math (10 credits)
    • Physical Education (10 credits)
    • Earth Science (10 credits)

    GRADE 10

    • English (10 credits)
    • Math (10 credits)
    • World History (10 credits)
    • Physical Education (10 credits)
    • Biology (10 credits)

    GRADE 11

    • English (10 credits)
    • Earth Science (10 credits-either grade 11 or 12)
    • U.S. History (10 credits)
    • Physical Education (10 credits-students returning to MHS/MSHS)
    • Math (10 credits)
    • (Mock Interview Training and Portfolio preparation for Madera Unified graduation requirement) (English class, no credit)

    GRADE 12

    • Mock Interview Training and Portfolio (English class, no credit)
    • Civics (5 credits)
    • Economics (5 credits)
    • English (10 credits)


    1. Fine arts (10 credits-at any grade)
    2. Elective English courses do not meet the English requirement.

    Students wishing to transfer into Furman from other Madera Unified schools need to be referred through the district's Alternative Education Placement Team that is made up of administrators and counselors from various schools. This process begins with requests to the school counselor at the school of attendance, who carries the student file to the team meeting.

    New students to our district, who have been attending alternative schools where they lived before, may be enrolled directly at the Furman site. Students moving to Madera who were enrolled in traditional comprehensive high schools at their previous district will be required to enroll at Madera High or Madera South High, and apply for admission to Furman via the district Alternative Education Placement Team process.

    Students wanting to transfer to the traditional high schools should request a transfer four weeks before the end of the semester. Students wishing to transfer to any school must make an appointment with the Furman High counselor. The student must be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian. Furman students who want to transfer to Madera High or Madera South High are strongly encouraged to be caught up on credits and "on track" for graduation. They should have acceptable behavior and the ability to succeed academically in that setting. Students moving out of the Madera attendance area should notify their Furman teacher, who will in turn notify the office.

    Work experience is tied to the academic program. A student can earn one elective credit of work experience for every two credits of academic credit earned. up to a maximum of 10 work experience credits per semester. Students in this program must contact the work experience coordinator, their teacher, or their counselor. Students must have a 2.0 GPA and acquire an employability card to enroll in the program. A student will be required to sign the work experience agreement and have an active work permit on file. Students will meet with the work experience coordinator once a week to turn in assignment sheets, weekly hours worked, and receive job-related counseling. All students, regardless of age, must have a work permit to earn work experience credits.

    A student under 18 must have a work permit to get employed. He/she needs a new work permit when transferring to a new school like Furman. California Education Code 48230 requires that any student under the age of 18 must be in regular attendance at his/her school in order for a work permit to remain valid. If a student has poor attendance, Furman High School will pull the work permit and notify the employer that the student is no longer eligible to work. Any time students change their work status and/or job, they must notify the work experience coordinator to request a new work permit. The student, in the presence of the work experience coordinator, must sign work permits. The permit will be mailed to the employer within 24 hours of completion. Plan ahead when turning in work experience applications.