• How to Read Attendance Codes on Attendance Reports

    EXCUSED absence codes               UNEXCUSED codes

    (DO NOT count for L.O.P.)               (COUNTS for L.O.P.)

    B – Bereavement                               A – Unverified

    D – Doctor                                        T – Truant

    E – Excused                                       U – Unexcused

    F – Field Trip                                      Q – Verified excused beyond what is noted above

    I – Illness

    J – Justified Late                       

    K – Kept in Office                             TARDY codes

    R – Personal Reason                    L – Late (up to 30 minutes)

    S – Suspended                           M –Late (Greater than 30 minutes is considered truant)

    Z – Health Office


    *Note: When tardy due to excused purpose, the student will report to the attendance office so that time they arrived may be noted and T/M marking may be remarked as Justified Late along with the arrival time.