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    School Tips / Consejos Escolares

    1. Ask your teacher for help.
      Remember, your teacher cannot read your mind, so if you don't understand something-just ask! We are here to help you! Your teacher will be so happy that you let them know that you need help. Teachers want to help you, you just need to ask! :-)

    2. Tutoring
      We have after-school tutoring in different programs. You can ask your teacher or Mrs. Garcia for more information! ( Most teachers have time on Wednesday to help you just ask! ASP and Migrant programs have tutoring available.)

    3. Practice
      Is math hard? Do you need help with Multiplication tables, Reading, or Spelling? In order to get better, we need to practice and practice again! Making flashcards, playing some games, or reading some fun books, are all ways that we can practice to get better.

    4. Keep a schedule
      Wake up at least 30 minutes before class starts to eat, change your clothes, comb your hair and get ready for class to start. Set a time every day for you to do your assignments/homework. If you keep up with your work, it won't seem like too much!

    5. Check your Google Classroom every day.
      Make sure all assignments are completed. Check to see if there are any messages/assignments added by the teacher.

    6. Check your Aeries Grade Book
      Make sure you look at your Aeries Grades at least once a week. Check for any missing assignments and see if you can still turn them in. (Some points are better than 0 points.)