• School of Humanities

    Vice Principal:  Prince Marshall

    The School of Humanities' purpose is to educate students who are plan­ning careers in visual, performing or language arts, in social studies or in other fields that require a broad-based liberal arts background. The learning experience is centered around students' own interests, talents and experiences, assisted by teachers who share these interests.

    The School of Humanities aims to help students achieve their unique education at trade or technical schools, or at two-year and four-year colleges.

    A major emphasis of the school is to help students make a connection between their high school education and career goals. In addition to offering a course of study that satisfies State Content Standards and Graduation Requirements. Students can take advantage of internships, work expe­rience, job shadowing, skills training, and career exploration.



    Many students in the School of Humanities participate in the co-curricular activi­ties that accompany our arts emphasis. Drama students produce local plays and compete in drama festivals. Band participants perform in halftime shows, parades, and music festivals. Choir members host regular concerts andattend choir competitions.  Video Production students produce specific video projects and visit TV production events in Fresno, the Bay Area and Los Angeles.  Clearly, Humanities students reach beyond the classroom to make their school experiences more exciting and more enjoyable.




    Television production students create videos for the MSHS community.


    Students are exposed to a variety of culturally-enriching experiences by participat­ing in clubs, visiting universities, national parks, museums, by attending musical and dramatic performances, and by viewing touring art exhibitions. 


    Students in the core and elective courses are exposed to the most modern research presentation methods in our multimedia laboratory. Additionally, this lab prepares students for more advanced multimedia production in our Computer Graphics Design and ROP Video Productions courses.
    Continuing opportunities are offered to Humanities students to showcase their skills and talents through assemblies and special performances, including an annual talent show.

    Some of the careers this school prepares students for include
     Singer  Writer
     Historian  Secretary
     Sociologist/Psy­chologist  Actor
     Composer  Archaeologist
     Musician  Artist
     Web Page Designer  Photographer
     Anthropology  Graphic Arts
     Journalism  Communications
     Telecommunications  Audiology
     Geography  Philosophy
     Librarian  Genealogist
     Advertising  Public Administration
     Urban Planning