Welcome to Kindergarten!

  • TK / Kinder  General Procedures

    • School Hours, Drop-Off and Dismissal Procedures

    School starts at 8:00 with the first bell ringing at 7:55, and dismissal is at 2:40.   

    • Early out days will be every Tuesday at 1:10.
    • Drop-Off:  Classroom doors will be opened for drop off at 7:45, no earlier.  If you need to bring your child before 7:45, take them to the cafeteria which opens at 7:30 for breakfast or to wait. Parents may elect to wait with student near the classroom until doors open but do not knock or ask teacher to take child sooner than 7:45am. 
    **In the cafeteria, students will be excused when an aide is available to walk them to class. NEVER leave your child unattended on   the school grounds.  Kinder students are not allowed on the playground before school, even if they are with a parent.  If you are having older siblings take responsibility of a kinder, please go over the procedures. All students without adults must wait in the cafeteria area.
    • Dismissal:  Bus riders are released to walk to busses by 2:30 on full days and 1:00 on early out. If you plan to change the way your child goes home, please make those changes well in advance of that time. We have no way of communicating with your child after they have left the classroom with the aide. 

    **Parent or car pick-up students will be dismissed after bus riders go. Please do not interrupt the classroom. When the children are let out, they may go but make sure your child tells their classroom teacher when they are leaving. If you want your child earlier than 2:40 (1:10 on early out) then you must go sign them out in the office and they will call the room.

     Also remember if you are sending someone other than those you have written on the emergency card, you must send a note or call the office. 

    • Attendance:Please call the office to report your child’s absence.  If you don’t call, the office staff will call home to find out why your child was not in school.  Students miss valuable instruction time when they are gone from the classroom, this includes leaving school early as well.  If scheduling doctors appointments or shopping out of town, make every effort to schedule these activities after the school day (Tuesday early dismissal is a great day) or find other pick-up options for your child so that they may stay in school the entire day.  Alpha also has rewards and incentives for students that are here everyday!  
Ms. Rosemary Banda
Ms. Paula Hill
Mrs. Anna Rodriguez
Mrs. Erika Horwitt
Mrs. Robin Reitz