• School of Agriculture


    Vice Principal:  Oracio Rodriguez

      The School of Agriculture Science and Engineering prepares students for modern careers in the agriculture environmental science and ag engi­neering industries. Both new and traditional methods in these fields are fully explored, providing students with a strong foundation for future college coursework or entry into a career field.

      Only a small percentage of jobs in the agriculture industry are directly involved in traditional agriculture. This school provides academic train­ing and hands-on coursework, preparing students to enter engineering, agribusiness, horticulture, communi­cations, science and research, process­ing and distribution, marketing and sales, food processing and dozens of other occupations which serve the agriculture industry.

    Instructors in the School of Agricul­ture Science & Engineering provide a personal approach and work together with counselors to assist students in making academic choices to support their professional career interests and future educational goals.



    The Madera FFA is California's largest and the nation's second-largest chapter. Active participation in FFA builds leadership skills for life, reinforces instruction, recognizes excellence and gives students opportunities to make a positive difference in their school and community. Participation in FFA helps students make connections be­tween school, their lives and future careers.


    A fully equipped, state of the art computer aided drafting lab allows School of Agricul­ture, Science and Engineering students to learn skills in drafting currently used in industry. The electronics classes prepare students with the foundation of electrical systems used in many different professions. The School of Agriculture, Science and Engineering combine all of this with a metal fabrication and power equipment program that is among the best in the state with new facilities that are second to none.


    The newly built 20-acre school farm laboratory gives students from every background the opportunity for hands on learning. A new greenhouse, swine barn, sheep/goat barn, beef/dairy barn, and horse facility allows students the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom in real life. Students will continue to develop the school farm through special class projects. LAB-ORIENTED INSTRUCTION AND SPECIALTY CLASSES Students can immediately apply what they learn in the classroom through intensive labs and practical, hands-on experience in nearly every career area. Technical training is provided through an Ag Mechanics program, a four-year course of study emphasiz­ing welding, construction, and small engines work. Landscape/ Horticulture offers hands-on application of the theories of landscaping, providing them with a variety of landscape and horticulture skills to carry to the world of work. Animal Care and Veterinary Aide is designed to prepare students to work in animal care facilities at all levels of expertise.

    Some of the careers this school prepares students for include

      Livestock Rancher   Dairy Nutrition Specialist
     Landscape Architect   Soil Scientist
      Farm Appraiser   'Ag Loan Officer
      Wildlife Manager   Ag Inspector
      Ag Construction   Engineer
      Diesel Mechanic   Fruit & Vine Grower
      Water Engineer   Produce Buyer
     Welder  Ag Lawyer
      Ag Teacher  

    FFA teams that can assist in the pursuit of career opportunities

    Banking Horse Evaluation
      Small Engines   Vine Pruning
      Public Speaking   Parliamentary  Procedure
     Cotton Judging   Floriculture
      Livestock Evaluation   ... and many more