• Alpha School is an interesting mix of two schools that no longer exist, which were the old Madison school and the old Alpha School. The original Alpha school, was founded in 1916. The original Alpha School was closed in the late sixties. It was located on Ave. 11 1/2 and Rd. 24 1/2. On April 29, 1988, Madison School was closed and became part of the high school. Where Alpha stands today, there stood a beautiful mansion. This mansion was torn down in the year 1987. It took a year to build this Alpha School.

    Mr. Netherton had a short ceremony at the flag pole of Madison school. He then walked the students half a mile down Stadium Road to the new Alpha School. There was a short ceremony as the new Alpha was opened on April 29, 1988. Mr. Netherton retired in 1992.

    Mr. Netherton passed away in 1997, but his memory will live on in the hearts of the students and staff that he has touched. A tree is planted near the cafeteria so that all the students can remember this great man.

    Many other principals such as Mrs. McClaran, Mr. Fake, and Mr. Stafford enjoyed their time at Alpha Elementary. 

    Mr. Carsten Christiansen took over as principal in 2006 and served for 8 years before transferring to Berenda Elementary in 2014.
    Mr. Chagoya is the current principal of Alpha School as of 2014.