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    King Middle School 
    Welcome to Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School.  We are located on the east side of Madera. 
    Our main feeder schools include Sierra Vista, Parkwood, Chavez, Alpha, Millview and Virginia Lee Rose Elementary Schools. 
    This year we have a student population of over 900 students.
    Our school opened its doors in 1995.  Back then, Berenda Elementary was also one of our feeder schools, our student population numbered nearly 1000, we had a strict dress code that included a uniform and our mascot was the Challenger Space Shuttle. 
    It was eventually changed to our current mascot, the Jaguar.
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School was built on land that once was the site of the Sugar Pine Lumber Company.  
    It was the first big business for our town and where the name Madera (wood in Spanish) came from.
    MLK Jaguars