At Furman, we build student behavior capacity by instilling:


    • Wear appropriate clothing at all times.
      * Clothing depicting gang affiliation, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and violence is not permitted.
    • Take your hat and/or hood off inside the office and in all classrooms.
    • Sit appropriately on chairs; sitting on tables and desks is not permitted; feet on tables and chairs are not permitted.
    • Your hair color must follow the dress code.
      * Natural highlights (blonde, light, and neutral colors) are acceptable.
    • Turn your cell phone off during testing and/or during class time.
      * Teachers can allow students to use their cell phones only for instructional purposes in a structured manner.


    • Assume the best intentions from others.
    • Listen with the intent of understanding.
    • Use respectful language at all times toward fellow students, staff, visitors, and teachers inside the office, classroom, and all outside areas.


    • Work with teachers and the counselor to improve your grades.
    • Be a stakeholder and remind other students to follow and adhere to Furman and MUSD dress code and behavior expectations.


    • Be on time to classes.
    • Meet with teachers on a regular basis.
    • Communicate with teachers through email, phone, or in person.
    • Track your grades and credits for graduation.  Be proactive.
    • Be proactive in creating a positive school and learning environment.


    • Get involved in school activities and sports.
    • Take an active part in student leadership and decision-making.
    • Give your feedback during leadership student nominations and student surveys.
    • Think globally and act locally.

    School Climate:

    • Positive attitude and use of positive words.
    • During breakfast and lunch, throw trash away and keep your campus clean.