Red Ribbon Week

  • Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States. We celebrate with dress up days and other fun activities at school for one week in October. 


    Monday's Winner: Mrs. Garcia's Class

    Red riboon

     Tuesday's Winner: Mrs. Vega's Class


    Wednesday's Winner: (Tie) Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Garcia, Mrs. Maciel

    Thursday's Winner: (Tie) Mrs. Maciel, Mrs. McKown


    Friday's Winner: (Tie) Mrs. Pearce, Mrs. Elliott



  • Door Decorating Contest Winner's

     Grade K-1 Winner: Mrs. Brown 

    Grade 2-3 Winner: Mrs. Vega

    Grade 4-6 Winner: Mrs. Shipman

    door   door   door