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    Our leadership team is a fundamental part of what makes our school successful. Students learn valuable leadership skills that will benefit them in high school and beyond.  Our leadership team consists of students in 7th and 8th grade who are able to demonstrate examplar behavior and responsibility.  

    Some of their responsibilities include: 

    • Updating our school buletin boards.
    • maintaining recyclables.
    • functioning as teachers aides.
    • participate in schoolwide activities such as Scholastic Book Faire and Cowboy Carnival.
    • Student store (Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports Component).
    • Disstribute and manage recess equipment.
    • Most importantly they serve as role models for our student body. 

    This year our team consists of:

    • 7th Grade
      • Angie Aguirre
      • Jesenia Diaz Altamariano
      •  Sarah Estrada
      • Donovan Guglielmana
      • Alondra Mosqueda
    • 8th Grade
      • Karina Alvarado
      • Joyce Barcenas
      • Mayra Ceballos
      • Jennifer Merino
      • Aileen Santos
      • Emily Lopez
      • Lilianna Uribe Cuevas