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    Planning for Integrated Education and Training: Tips and Tools

    Integrated Education and Training (IET) is a useful career pathways strategy to help adult education and English language students accelerate occupational skill building and job preparation while building academic and language skills. This webinar will outline the essential steps needed to plan and implement IETs successfully in the context of WIOA as well as provide tips for building partnerships and addressing local system issues. A planning tool will be shared and discussed.


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  • Level 1 Certification

    1. 39 Lessons

    2. Approximately 12 hours to complete

    3. Includes lessons on:

      1. Chrome
      2. Gmail
      3. Hangouts
      4. Calendar
      5. Keep
      6. Drive
      7. Docs
      8. Sheets
      9. Slides
      10. Forms
      11. Sites
      12. Classroom
      13. Groups
      14. YouTube
    4. Certification is 3 hours in length with 20 multiple choice questions and 11 scenarios. To pass, you must receive an 80% or higher on the exam. The exam does have a fee.

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