2021-2022 Desmond Activites!

  • 7th and 8th Grade Sports Rally

    Our first in-person rally in 2 years! Students had a blast playing games, eating great snacks, and celebrating our Fall sports teams!



  • Desmond Red Ribbon Week- Costume Contest

    We concluded our annual Red Ribbon week on Halloween, and what better way to celebrate than with a costume contest? Students spent this week showing their commitment to saying NO to drugs! 


  • Staff vs. Student Volleyball Game

    Desmond's staff faced off against Desmond's female volleyball team! Everyone involved enjoyed a friendly competition!

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  • Winter 2021 Sports Rally

    Desmond kicked off the winter sports season with another rally full of fun and celebration!


  • Canned Food Drive Teacher Pie Smashing

    As a reward to the students for donating canned food for the annual food drive, Desmond's teachers received a pie in the face from the students! 


  • Spring Sports Rally

    The Desmond community kicked off the spring sports season with a rally where students enjoyed time together playing games, eating food, and sporting their athlete friends in their upcoming season!

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  • Open House 2022

    As Desmond's 2022 school year comes to a close, we held our last open house for families to come in and see the hard work their students have put in!i,mhjhjhvjhgugiugu