• On Saturday, November 9th, a team from Lowe’s visited the Mighty Monroe campus to help improve and beautify an area in the school that has not been given much attention.  As you pass the restrooms, at then end of the 4th grade wing, and then Mr. Lemus’ classroom, room 19, to the immediate left, Monroe has a gated area that is simply an unoccupied open space.  In the past, there has been a greenhouse placed in that area, but unfortunately, funding ceased, and the project came to an end. Recently, the space, if utilized, is used for when a custodian catches a dog on campus.  The dog is placed there, while the school waits for animal control to come by and pick up the “visitor.”  

    It was communicated to Lowe’s, that we would like to fix up the area, so as to be more visually appealing, especially since many of our students, staff, and parents pass that area on a daily basis.  With a team of approximately ten volunteers, the team worked on the area by removing the old river rock and the black tarp underneath, placing borders, bark within the borders, a tree, small sitting bench, and two planters filled with beautiful flowers.

    Lowe’s did a great job of getting that started for us.  There are plans to continue working on and beautifying that area for all to enjoy.  If you have any ideas or thoughts for that area, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Perez.