• What Makes Us Unique?/¿Qué nos hace únicos?

    John Adams Elementary School, 1822 National Ave, Madera, CA 93637, USA

    John Adams was founded in 1980 and opened on Tuesday, July 1st. What makes us unique is, here at John Adams Elementary we will always continue to focus on raising student achievement in ELA and Math. We have identified our primary problem as the number of students who are at or above the national norm for NWEA reading and math has declined in the last school year. We believe literacy and foundational math skills are vital components of academic success and impact all parts of the school. Further, we have identified the highest root cause that contributes to this primary problem as teacher capacity. Consequently, we will take a balanced approach to literacy that aims to build teacher capacity in their understanding of the content standards and their ability to design and deliver rigorous lessons that use the core curriculum. In Math, the focus will continue to be building student understanding of procedural and conceptual mathematics along with increasing students' foundational skills. Teachers will include activities and instructional strategies in their math 15DPs to promote this focus and best meet the needs of our current students. In ELD we build English Language Development for our English Learners through designated and integrated instruction. We also value the ELL principles and support 70%-30% student-teacher dialogue. Technology will continue to be a key instrument in driving the level of rigor, depth, and complexity of our instruction. At the end of each year, we will continue to inventory the instructional needs of our teachers and provide the necessary hardware, software, and professional development needed for staff and students.

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