Madera High School

    Counseling Team

    Counselors are available by appointment and on an first come first serve bases for walk ins. Please see the Career Center page for college information.

    Counseling services are available to all students at Madera High School through their Career Schools.  Students are encouraged to contact their counselor to obtain help in the following areas:
    • Academic Planning            
    • Adjustment to school
    • Personal problems
    • College admission information
    • Career information
    • Personal Learning Plan
    • Testing result interpretation
    • Scholarship information 

    The counseling staff is always willing and ready to help students in any way possible and hopes that students will feel free to use the service.

Eloise Rodriguez
Assignment: EL Students 9-12
Office Location:100 Building
Phone: (559) 675-4463
Email: eloiserodriguez@maderausd.org 
Other Duties: Head Counselor 
Amanda Ramirez
Assignment: 10th O-z
Office Location:800 Building
Phone: (559) 675-4463
Email: amandaramirez@maderausd.org 
Other Duties: 10th & 12th Education Pathway 
Michael Ledesma
Assignment: 9th Grade A-B
Office Location:300 Building
Phone: (559) 675-4420
Email: michaelledesma@maderausd.org 
Other Duties: 9th & 11th Engineering Pathway 
Isabel Gil
Assignment: 10th Grade A-C
Office Location:300 Building
Phone: (559) 675-4420
Email: isabelgil@maderausd.org 
Other Duties: 10th & 12th Engineering Pathway 
Sylvia Prado
Assignment: 10th Grade D-N
Office Location:500 Building
Phone: (559) 675-4444 ext. 1125
Email: sylviaprado@maderausd.org 
Other Duties:  
Cindy Rodriguez
Assignment: 9th Grade C-L
Office Location:500 Building
Phone: (559) 675-4444 ext. 1125
Email: cindyrodriguez@maderausd.org 
Other Duties: 9th & 11th Education Pathway 
Julia Magallon
Assignment: M-Z
Office Location:800 Building
Phone: (559) 675-4455
Email: juliamagallon@maderausd.org 
Other Duties: