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Late arrival / Early departure


We all know that it is extremely important that your child be at school on time, ready to learn. But, it is also very important that your child stay until the end of the school day. Not only does your child miss out on time in the classroom, but with every child that leaves early, the teacher has to stop what they are doing to provide the student with what they need to leave….disrupting the learning of every student in the classroom.


With that in mind, we will now be documenting students who leave early. When attendance is calculated, the student who is more than 30 minutes late will be marked the same as the student who leaves school more than 30 minutes before the end of the day. This information (absences and tardies) is used to determine which students will receive School Attendance Review Board (SARB) letters and will need to meet with the principal to discuss what can be done to help improve attendance for your child.


If a student is going to the doctor, we will need a note from the doctor. It would be greatly appreciated if you were able to book medical appointments after school hours.


I thank you in advance for your understanding. It is our goal for your child to receive the best education possible! Together we can ensure this happens.


Mr. Christiansen
Carsten Christiansen