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Parent Project

The Parent Project” is a team of instructors from Madera County Probation, Madera Police Department, Community Action Partnership of Madera County(CAPMC), Madera Unified School District and the Madera Ministerial Association(MMA). To strengthen our community these agencies have partnered together and formed a team of certified Parent Project facilitators.  This program has been developed by over half a million parents over the last 33 years.  These parents have been through the struggles and success raising children who frequently run away, associate with gangs, use of drugs, and anything in between.  If you are able to invest a few hours one night a week, this multi agency team will be educating techniques and principles for parenting strong willed children.  Please contact the Madera Police Department at (559) 675-4220 for more information.  The class is Free, and dinner and child care are also provided at no cost!