• Bullying Prevention Resouces

    The STOPit app is an anonymous reporting app in which all students can report bullying, threats to the school, weapons, and drug use. Schools are a place for learning and this app will provide you with the voice you need to communicate with two-way reporting to school administration, school police officers and school safety staff about any concerns you have in regards to your safety and the safety of your peers while in school. You will have the ability to attach photos and/or videos free of charge and anonymously. The app is a useful online reporting tool designed to help students report any problem at school through a mobile device, Mac, Windows, or Chromebook, and it is entirely anonymous.

    The app is an essential tool promoted and encouraged by Madera Unified School District, as we believe in the safety of all our students and staff. Once the conflict has been reported and received by administrators, they will attempt to solve the problem. The app is a beneficial tool for anyone on campus, especially for students who feel uncomfortable expressing themselves and communicating with a staff member. Parents should get involved in learning where the StopIt app can be accessed across all grade levels. Within a Chromebook, it is located on Clever under “help resources.” It can also be used through a mobile device. You must download the app and log in to your school. Staying updated with the resources Madera Unified provides your child is crucial to their success and development as a Madera Unified School District student. 

    Student Concern Reporting Form
    Formulario de Informe de Inquietudes del Estudiante
    MUSD Student Concern Reporting Form
    MUSD - Formulario de Informe de Inquietudes del Estudiante