It has been another busy week in our STEM classes as all students continue to imagine, create, and test their ideas.

    Our TK and Kinder students learned about the letters C and D.  They made lists of all the objects that start with those letters in English and Spanish.  Then, they built each letter using counter animals, these structures were, once again tested by our Hexbug robots.

    1st and 2nd graders learned all bout the tools scientists use when conducting experiments.  They conducted experiments to determine some properties of salt, corn starch, baking soda and sand.  Next week, they will use their results to solve a Mystery Mixture experiment.


    3rd, 4th, and 5th graders applied their knowledge of engineering and technology to the concept of drag resistance.  They tested different forms of drag using a variety of parachutes.  They will add their knowledge of drag resistance to changes in atmosphere next week.


    6th graders explored how NASA engineers use and create new technologies to help astronauts survive on missions.  Their focus was on how different food technologies allow astronauts to stay healthy and still eat delicious food, even without the use of stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators.  They got design their own technology that would allow people to eat their breakfast cereal underwater.  And each class got to end their STEM lesson by tasting some actual Space Food: freeze dried ice cream sandwiches.  Ask your child which flavor they liked the best!

    This week's STEM at Home Challenge is to come up with a list of foods your family would and wouldn't want to eat in space.  You can watch this Space Food video to learn more about how NASA engineers solve this very problem.

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