Student Hero Awards

  • The Department of School Culture and Climate was honored to recognize Howard Elementary student(s) for their outstanding demonstration of character traits.  During quarter two, our site focused on the character traits of responsibility, gratitude, and kindness.  Students received a “Student Hero” t-shirt, plaque, certificate, and yard sign to demonstrate excellence and outstanding character.

    Howard recognized 2nd grader Anahi Sanchez. Anahi shows responsibility, gratitude, and kindness in everything she does. She is a great example to her classmates by completing all of her assignments, participating, preparing her materials, and following directions. Anahi is always kind and helpful to her peers in class and on the playground. She's also courteous and friendly to her teacher and adults on campus. It is always a pleasure to be around Anahi.


    3rd Grader Eliana Franco, Eliana practices "BARK" at Howard School every day. B: Be Prepared. She arrives with homework and prepares her textbooks, desk, and other needed materials. A: Act Responsible, she is always on time and is ready to start the day right when she comes on campus. R: Respect, self, others, and things. She demonstrates how to respect other students and school materials. K: Kindness is the key, she is one of the kindest students I have ever had. She always wears a smile (under her mask). She is always willing to lend a helping hand to her fellow students and sets an example with outstanding manners every day. The younger students on our campus also look up to her. She is a shining example of what Howard School stands for.


     8th Grader Kaylee Opfergelt, Kaylee has the following character traits: responsibility, gratitude, and kindness among many other characteristics. Kaylee is always kind to teachers and staff. She gets along with everyone in the class. She is a dedicated student who works hard in everything she does. She shows empathy and compassion for others. She is an overall great student.


    It has been a pleasure to have her in my class.MUSD's We Believe in Character initiative was funded by the Cal-Hope Mini Social Emotional Learning grant from the Madera County Superintendent of Schools last spring. In addition to student recognition swag, the grant funds instructional resources and equipment for our schools. To help support instruction, the Culture & Climate Department has developed monthly K-12 lessons and Character Counts resources were recently ordered in English and Spanish for all Elementary Counselors. Student Heroes are acknowledged because, “We believe a true hero isn’t measured in the size of their strength, but in the strength of their character.”