Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Rodriguez


Hola, my name is Maria Rodriguez. I have 3 children, Joey, Philip, Marlaina and I have 4 grandsons Josaiah, Nehemiah, Kingston and Kai. I grew up mostly in Madera but I traveled around with my parents doing field work, like everything that had to do with grapes, picking tomatoes, tomatoes machines, garlic, we traveled to Washington to pick asparagus, Idaho onions & in Florida various packing sheds, we also lived in Texas. When I was a student I went to Sierra Vista I had lots of favorite teachers but Mr. Bernal & Mrs. Badorine always stood out to me. I started working for MUSD in 2001  before I started at Howard in 2005 as an Administrative Assistant; I worked at Dixieland as a Bilingual Aide then as a Secretary/Librarian. I have been Coaching Wrestling for 18 years. When I’m not working I love to spend time with my family. I don’t have to many hobbies, I like to watch tv,movies, and do things with my grandsons. My favorite place to visit was Mexico but I don’t do that very often anymore its sad. The one place I would love to visit is Rome & Spain one day I will with my daughter ;) I love all the old statues, old architecture & Spain because that is where my ancestors are from.


     I love Howard School but especially the students, I tell everyone that I have 3 children but I really have almost 600.