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Mr. Gregor

Hello, All-Star families,

Reopening school for all kids all day has been challenging. It's been difficult for everyone. Our custodians work hard every day to keep our campus clean and safe. Teachers are exhausted caring for our student's needs, both academic and socio-emotional. The front office staff worked tirelessly managing the absences, both quarantine-related and general illness.

Our nurse has worked non-stop to keep up with the ever-changing guidelines and provide our school with updated COVID procedures to keep us safe. Our noontime aides are working extra hours to provide extra support that is needed to help make each day better for our students. The list goes on and on.

In addition, many parents have had to adjust their schedules to 10-day quarantines and at-home school work. Often on a moment's notice. Or work extra hard to help their child transition back to a full day of school back on campus (and away from home). I'm a parent myself and understand the challenges.

Students have had to transition back to school on campus after almost 2 years away. It has not been easy for them to be in a classroom with 25-35 other students and adapt to the structure of a classroom and school.

In short, I want to say thank you to everyone for everything.

My main message is, I want to recognize the difficult 8 weeks we've all had and thank everyone for their hard work. I also want to point out just some of the amazing things happening here at school. It's a lot of work but work worth doing. Let's continue to work together and push forward toward a fantastic school year.

Thank you all!


Kevin Gregor


John Adams Elementary