• Welcome Jaguars! 

    Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School firmly believes that a well-rounded education includes not only academic excellence but also physical fitness and character development. We strive to provide an athletic environment that enriches our students' overall educational experiences. Our goal is to provide competitive opportunities that encourage lifetime activities, commitment, teamwork, and character development amongst all student-athletes. We believe that participating in sports not only promotes physical health but also teaches valuable life skills such as discipline, perseverance, and leadership. 

    By engaging in athletics, students learn the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. They develop a sense of responsibility towards their team and learn how to work together towards a common objective. These skills are transferable to other areas of their lives, including academics and future careers. Our athletic program aligns with the values of the Madera Unified School District by promoting inclusivity and character development among our student-athletes. We believe that through sports, we can instill important values such as respect, integrity, and sportsmanship.



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  •              Eligibility for Athletes

            To be eligible to represent Thomas Jefferson Middle School in an athletic contest, a student must:

    1. Be registered through "www.aktivate.com" along with a current physical signed by a doctor and parents.
    2. Have Insurance: student accident insurance is available at a minimal cost if the athlete's family does not have insurance.
    3. Meet residency requirements as specified by the CIF (See CIF Bylaws and MUSD requirements).
    4. No student is permitted to take part in an athletic contest if they are not in attendance for a minimum of 1/2 days or 4 periods in the school day.