•          School Site Council         

    The school site council is a group made up of teachers, parents, students and classified workers.  They work with the principal to help make decisions dealing with the budget and school improvement programs.  Members of the school site council are elected by their peers.  For more information click HERE.

    The school site council meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 4:00 pm in the library.  For a list of the members, click on the following link:    MEMBERS  
    Here are some additional resources:  SSC Bylaws  d and SSC Training

    School Site Council Meeting Dates/Fechas de las Juntas:

    #1 - September 12, 2019/Septiembre 12 del 2019

    #2 - November 7, 2019/Noviembre 7 del 2019

    #3 - January 30, 2020/Enero 30, del 2020

    #4 - March 26, 2020/Marzo 26, del 2020

    #5 - May 7, 2020/Mayo 7, del 2020

     Site Plan     Plan Escolar 


Last Modified on September 23, 2019