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          Welcome to the Berenda Elementary Physical Education page!  We hope that you will find the information helpful in understanding the program as well as some related resources.  Enjoy!

     A.    Physical Educators:

    • Scott Townsend has been in Madera Unified since 2002.  He has taught at both the elementary and middle school levels.  He can be emailed at scotttownsend@maderausd.org
    • Julie Martin teacher primary P.E.

    B.    Grading:

    • Students will receive 50 points per unit with a total of 100 per grading quarter.
    • Grading is based on student participation in daily activities.

    C.   Appropriate Dress:

          Students will be able to fully participate and feel most comfortable when wearing:

    • Athletic shoes
    • Shoes without heels or open toes
    • Shorts under skirts or dresses

    D.   Excuse Notes:

     If your student is going to be unable to participate or be limited in their activity a note is necessary.  A parent note is good for two days.  Please be as specific as possible to the amount of limitation.  Examples would be: 

    1.     “Johnny has a cold and is not feeling well.  Please excuse him from all activity.” 
    2.     “Maria cannot use her right hand.  She may participate in activities not using that hand.”
    For three days or longer a note from a medical professional is required. 
    E.    Resources:  Cut and paste to your browser if necessary.
    • www.superkidsnutrition.com
    • www.choosemyplate.gov
    • www.kidshealth.org 
    • http://www.cityofmadera.org/web/guest/youth-sports
    • California State Physical Education Standards: http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/SS/documents/pestandards.pdf
    • The First Tee  http://www.thefirsttee.org/Club/Scripts/Home/home.asp
    • Rockport Fitness Calculator:  http://walking.about.com/library/cal/ucrockport.htm?p=1
    • GoNoodle Home Exercise videos:  http://www.gonoodle.com
    • Adventure  to Fitness Home Exercise videos:  http://adventuretofitness.com/
    • How to Take your Pulse:    https://askabiologist.asu.edu/content/check-your-heart-rate
    • Health and Skill Related Fitness:    https://quizlet.com/12345968/health-and-skill-related-components-of-fitness-flash-cards/


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