• Dear Wonderful Wildcat Families,

    On behalf of our staff, I would like to say welcome back to Eastin-Arcola for the 2024 - 2025 school year.  We are excited to be back on campus full-time, and back to many of the activities, field trips, events, and, of course, continued student successes and achievements. We are in our eighth year of the re-opening of Eastin-Arcola.  These last seven years have been such a great foundation for the growth and expectations we have planned for our school.  During these seven years, our students have experienced great academic achievements and athletic success, and have worked hard to become students of great character.  Our focus at Eastin-Arcola is to be the best we can be in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT

    We continue to focus on these high expectations and will do our best to model this for our students each day.  We want our students to strive to be very well-rounded during their time at Eastin-Arcola, maximizing their involvement in school.  This will really help them as they enter high school, becoming involved in many clubs, athletic teams, and organizations. We look forward to your continued participation as parents to help support and maintain our school and school culture.  We encourage you to stay focused on your child’s education, both at school and at home.  We welcome your involvement at school and eagerly await your participation with various committees and activities, especially our Wildcat Parents Club (WPC).  We know the more connected our families are with our school, the more complete our school community will continue to be.  Eastin-Arcola is not only your child’s school, but it’s their extended family and home as well.  We take this responsibility very seriously, and it’s with joy that we work with your students each and every day.  Thank you for trusting us with your children, and allowing us to be an integral part of their lives. We ask that you stay connected to the school through Parent Square, as we will continually send out messages to keep you informed of all you need to know.  We hope you always feel welcome to call or come to school should you have any further questions or concerns, and especially if you have some great new ideas and suggestions for us!  Let’s continue to work together as we continue to build Eastin-Arcola into an excellent school in Madera Unified.  As parents/families, you are the most important part of completing the strong connection your child will have with our school.  Thank you in advance for everything you will do to help make your child’s school experience the very best it can be, in every way.


     Very respectfully and with much enthusiasm,

     Danene Guglielmana