• Justice For Emmett Till

    Sixty eighth-graders stepped off from the parking lot of the Madera Unified District office on February 28th,2022. They marched to the Madera County Courthouse Museum in support of Emmett Till. Students from Eastin-Arcola and La Vina Schools commenced the Madera Method project in August, focusing on the evolution of “Jim Crow” in Madera and the nation. After examining several local examples of Jim Crow, the students decided to broaden the scope. This is when they collectively decided they wanted justice for Emmett Till. On March 28, 2022, students will hold a trial in the Madera County Courthouse Museum. Students will prosecute the case, and 12 members of the Black Students Union will serve as jurors. Superior Court Judge Ernie LiCalsi will preside over the trial, and Sheriff Tyson Pogue will serve as bailiff.