The Cal-SAFE provides support services to pregnant and parenting students that are enrolled at Madera Unified School District.
    Goals:  Support students to graduate High School
                 Provide parenting and life skills for both the student and child to be successful

    Lab School Locations and Contact Person:
    Mt. Vista:  Serves 7 infants and toddlers
    Site Supervisor:  Josie Gonzalez (559) 675-4580
    Madera High School:  Serves 16 infants and toddlers     
    Site Supervisor:  Summer Gonzales  (559) 675-4400
    Madera South High School:  Serves 16 infants and toddlers      
    Site Supervisor:  Brandi Snider  (559) 675-4450 ext. 1031
Last Modified on July 23, 2019