• Terms of Enrollment

    1. The student will complete the courses listed on the reverse side of the agreement during the semester and will meet with the teacher weekly one-on-one or in small groups. At that meeting, the previous week’s work will be discussed, and new
    assignments will be reviewed. Alternative methods of reporting to the teacher must be pre-arranged on the basis of need. Course objectives will be consistent with MUSD guidelines. Credit is based upon completion of assigned work and tests. Learning objectives are consistent with and evaluated in the same manner that they would be if the student were enrolled in a traditional school program and his/her current school.

    2. The minimum amount of work to be completed each week is five (5) assigned days. Attendance will be monitored through an attendance log kept by the parent and verified by the teacher after completed work has been successfully submitted. Attendance is based on the amount of work submitted and not on seat time. Assigned work may be turned in late for full academic credit only if prior arrangements have been made with the teacher. Meetings with the teacher will be scheduled according to the needs of the student. A minimum of one meeting each week is expected so that the teacher may monitor student progress. The maximum time allowed between the assignment date and the due date shall be six (6) weeks or 30 school days, or until the end of the term--whichever is shorter.

    3. There are no excused absences. Serious illness is the only reason accepted for missed assignments. Parents are to contact the teacher prior to any missed appointment in order to bring in and pick up new assignments. Students must attend their first meeting with the teacher, or they will be dropped immediately. A meeting will be held for any student that fails to comply with the Master Agreement, turns in consistently substandard work, and/or continually misses assigned scheduled meetings. Any student who falls 15 days behind will be evaluated to determine if Independent Study is the appropriate strategy for the student or if a return to a seat time program is in his/her best interest.

    4. Students under 18 years of age: The student is to be at home or under the supervision of the parent/guardian during the school day and is to stay away from all MUSD campuses unless authorized by the student’s home school.

    5. The parent/guardian hereby gives permission for the student to be given standardized academic tests as needed and will make arrangements for the student to take the tests at the home school site, as required for proctoring.

    6. Students must return all books and take care of any financial obligations to MUSD prior to grades being released or records sent to other schools.

    7. Students’ continued enrollment in this option for Independent Study will be based upon their compliance with all the terms and conditions of this Master Agreement.

    8. Students must follow all dress code and discipline policies of MUSD.

    9. This agreement informs parents/guardians/caregivers that Independent Study is an optional educational program in which no pupil may be required to participate.