Madera Unified School District
    Independent Study School 

    We Believe
    in the
    Furman High Education

    Serving 9-12th Grades 

    Who Do We Serve?


    • Students looking for an alternative to traditional school programs
    • Families who prefer a small and intimate learning environment
    • Students needing a more flexible schedule
    • High school students who wish to accelerate their studies
    • Students who are home bound for a variety of reasons
    • Students with IEPs and 504 plans
    • Students with other learning needs
    • Struggling students




    What Courses Do We Offer?


    • English
      »ELA I, II, III & IV
      »ELD I, II, III & IV
      »English Lab & Other ELA Courses
    • Math
      »Pre Algebra
      »Math I, II & III
    • Social Science
      »U.S.History & World History
      »Civics & Economics
      »World Geography
    • Science
      »Earth Science
    • P.E. & Electives
    • Many More Courses Offered Online Through

    What Makes Furman a Place to
    Soar – Achieve – Accomplish?


    • Serving 9-12th Grades
    • Programs Offered:
      »Blended Classroom Learning
      »One On One Learning
      »Virtual Learning
    • Small Class Sizes – 5 to 20 per class
    • Small Quiet and Safe Campus
    • Calm and Respectful Environment
    • Tutoring In All Subjects
    • Extracurricular Activities Through
      Leadership Club
    • Elective Classes Offered on
      Campus and Virtually
    • Earn Your Diploma With Us or Return
      to the Comprehensive School You Started With
    • Guidance and Counseling for
      College and Career Readiness


      What Does This Program
    Look Like on a Daily Basis?


    • Flexible Schedule/Attend School One, Two, or Three Times a Week
    • Take Morning, Afternoon, or All-Day Classes
    • There are 5 periods Per Day (68 minutes each)
    • Lunch is Provided at 11:05 a.m. (12:01 p.m.
      on Mondays)

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions, talk to your high school counselor or contact us directly:


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