P.E. & Electives

  • Art
    Electives courses offered at Furman:
    • P.E. Fitness
    • Drivers Ed
    • Art
    • Fine Art Studies
    • Work Experience
    • Occupational Knowledge
    Why do we study the arts (electives)?
    • Studying the arts has a positive impact on a person's I.Q.
    • Having a wide skill set is advantageous in any career.
    • It teaches you self-discipline.
    Teacher suggestions to help the student in learning the arts?
    • Practice, practice, and practice some more.  Repeat the skill or technique until you've mastered it.
    • Use the internet to research your area of study.  This will help you better understand the art.
    • Reach out to others in the same class.  You can learn much from each other.
    Helpful sites: