Social Science

  • History
    History courses offered at Furman:
    • U.S. History
    • World History
    • Civics
    • Sociology
    • World Geography
    • Economics
    Why do we learn history?
    • It fosters practical wisdom and knowledge of the past.
    • History is filled with interesting and exciting stories.  Each tale contains twists and turns along with plenty of villains and heroes.
    • Knowledge of the past helps us understand the present.  We gain and understanding of why things are done a certain way and where many things came from.
    Teacher suggestions to help the student in history?
    • Read and investigate what you are learning in class.  This will reinforce what the teacher is explaining.
    • Take notes in class.  Use an outline form such as Cornell Notes.
    • Study before a test.  Use your notes, book, and other resources.  Reviewing the material before a test can make the difference you need for that A.
    Helpful history sites: