Student Hero Character Award

  • The Department of School Culture and Climate was honored to recognize Mt. Vista High School students for their outstanding demonstration of character traits. Students received a “Student Hero” t-shirt, plaque, certificate, and yard sign for demonstrating excellence in the schoolwide PBIS behavior expectations (Respect, Organization, Awareness, Responsibility). Mt. Vista recognized 11th grader Juan Alvarado-Victoria for strong "Engagement" by consistently participating in activities in class, and asking meaningful questions. Not only did he do this in the whole class setting, but he also made a positive impact on any team he worked with. He showed he was an "Excellent" student by not only completing his work at a high level and pushing himself on assignments but also helping his teammates and tablemates to complete group and individual assignments. 

    MUSD's We Believe in Character initiative was funded from the Cal-Hope Mini Social Emotional Learning grant from Madera County Superintendent of Schools last spring.  In addition to student recognition swag, the grant funds instructional resources and material for our schools.  To help support instruction the Culture & Climate Department has developed monthly K-12 lessons and Character Counts resources were recently ordered in English and Spanish for all Elementary Counselors.  Student Heros are acknowledged because, “We believe a true hero isn’t measured in the size of their strength, but in the strength of their character.”

student hero