NOTE:  In Independent Study, the guardians have the responsibility for supervising their children and ensuring that assignments are understood and completed during the week. 

    Please make sure that students understand the work on a daily basis. Parents or guardians should be attending Zoom sessions to help students. We recommend that any student K - 3 is being guided while on zoom. It is the responsibility of the family to ensure that ALL work is turned in by the deadline of Friday at 12 pm each week. 


    • Are equal to the instructional minutes they would receive from a traditional school model. 
    • Students will receive work that is equivalent to the amount of school time they would otherwise receive during in-person school.  

    Example: Kindergarten = 180 minutes, 1st - 3rd = 230 minutes , 4th - 12th = 240 minutes 

    Attendance : 

    • Students get attendant credit for work that is turned in on time!
    • Teachers verify attendance based on the work that is completed and turned in on time through:
    1. Lexia
    2. Khan Academy
    3. Mao Accelerator
    4. Edgenuity
    5. Zoom meetings
    • If students complete less than 100% of their work for a given week, attendance is rounded down. 

    For example, 93% of work completed would be rounded down to 4 days attendance. 

    • 100% = 5 Days
    • 80 - 99% = 4 Days 
    • 60 - 79% = 3 Days 
    • 40 - 59% = 2 Days
    • 20 - 39% = 1 Day

    Communication is vital. To that end, teachers will make every attempt to talk with parents after each regularly rescheduled weekly meeting, provide families with updates via email, ParentSquare, or phone call. If communication comes in and requires a response, we ask that families make every effort to respond as soon as possible. 


    • Students with IEPs must have an IEP team meeting to discuss whether independent study is an appropriate form of learning for them.
    • Students with 504 Plans must have a 504 team meeting to discuss whether independent study is an appropriate form of learning for them and strategize accommodations best provided in the independent study setting.