• James Madison Elementary Bylaws

    Approved on 3-19-12


    Article I - Dutiesof the School Site Council


    Theschool site council of Madison Elementary School, hereinafter referred to asthe school site council, shall carry out the following duties:

    ·        Obtainrecommendations for, and review of the proposed Single Plan for Student Achievement from all school advisorycommittees.

    ·        Developand approve the plan and related expenditures in accordance with all state andfederal laws and regulations.

    ·        Recommendthe plan and expenditures to the governing board for approval.

    ·        Provideongoing review of the implementation of the plan with the principal, teachersand other school staff members.

    ·        Makemodifications to the plan whenever the need arises.

    ·        Submitthe modified plan for governing board approval whenever a material change (asdefined in district governing board policy) is made in planned activities orrelated expenditures.

    ·        Annually,(and at each semester, trimester, etc), evaluate the progress made towardschool goals to raise the academic achievement of all students.

    ·        Carryout all other duties assigned to the school site council by the districtgoverning board and by state law.


    Article II -Members


    Section A: Composition

    Theschool site council shall be composed of 10 members, selected by their peers,as follows:

    ·        3Classroom teachers

    ·        1Other school staff members

    ·        5Parents or community members, not from the same family.

    ·        1The school principal shall be an ex officio member of the school site council.


    Schoolsite council members chosen to represent parents may be employees of the schooldistrict so long as they are not employed at this school.


    Section B: Term of Office

    Schoolsite council members shall be elected for 2 year terms. Half, or the nearestapproximation thereof, of each representative group shall be elected during odd years, and theremaining number elected during even years.  Elections will take place at the beginning of each school year forvacant positions by their peers or upon a vacancy arises.  At the first regular meeting of the schoolsite council, each member's current termof office shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.


    Section C: Voting Rights

    Eachmember is entitled to one vote and may cast that vote on any matter submittedto a vote of the school site council. Absentee ballots shall not be permitted.



    Section D: Termination ofMembership

    Theschool site council may, by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all itsmembers, suspend or expel a member. Any elected member may terminate his or hermembership by submitting a written letter of resignation to the school sitecouncil chairperson.  Members will beterminated if they miss two school site council meetings.


    Section E: Transfer of Membership

    Membershipon the school site council may not be assigned or transferred.


    Section F: Vacancy

    Anyvacancy on the school site council occurring during the term of a duly electedmember shall be filled by regularelections or appointment of the school site council remaining members for theperiod of time until the next regular election cycle.


    Article III -Officers


    Section A: Officers

    Theofficers of the school site council shall be a chairperson, vice-chairperson,secretary, and other officers the school site council may deem desirable.


    The president shall:

    ·        Presideat all meetings of the school site council.

    ·        Signall letters, reports and other communications of the school site council.

    ·        Performall duties incident to the office of the chairperson.

    ·        Haveother such duties as are prescribed by the school site council.


    The vice-president shall:

    ·        Representthe chairperson in assigned duties.

    ·        Substitutefor the chairperson in his or her absence.


    The secretary shall:

    ·        Keepminutes of all regular and special meetings of the school site council.

    ·        Transmittrue and correct copies of the minutes of such meetings to members of theschool site council.

    ·        Provideall notices in accordance with these bylaws.

    ·        Becustodian of the records of the school site council.

    ·        Keepa register of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of each member of theschool site council, the chairpersons of school advisory committees, and otherswith whom the school site council has regular dealings, as furnished by thosepersons.

    ·        Performother such duties as are assigned by the chairperson or the school sitecouncil.


    Section B: Election and Terms ofOffice

    Theofficers shall be elected annually, at the school site council and shall servefor one year, or until each successor has been elected.



    Section C: Removal of Officers

    Officersmay be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of all the members.


    Section D: Vacancy

    Avacancy in any office shall be filled at the earliest opportunity by a specialelection of the school site council, forthe remaining portion of the term of office.


    Article IV-Committees


    Section A: Subcommittees such asELAC, AGB, and the school site Leadership team

    Theschool site council may establish and abolish subcommittees of its ownmembership to perform duties as shall be prescribed by the school site council.At least one member representing teachers and one member representing parentsshall make up the subcommittee. No subcommittee may exercise the authority ofthe school site council.


    Section B: Other Standing andSpecial Committees

    Theschool site council may establish and abolish standing or special committeeswith such composition and to perform such duties as shall be prescribed by theschool site council. No such committee may exercise the authority of the schoolsite council.


    Section B: Membership

    Unless otherwisedetermined by the school site council, the school site council chairpersonshall appoint members of standing or special committees. A vacancy on acommittee shall be filled by appointment made by the chairperson.


    Section C: Terms of Office

    The schoolsite council shall determine the terms of office for members of a committee. Officerswill be nominated and elected during the first SSC meeting of the year, eachyear.


    Section D: Rules

    Eachcommittee may adopt rules for its own government not inconsistent with thesebylaws or rules adopted by the school site council, or policies of the districtgoverning board.


    Section E: Quorum

    Amajority of the members of the committee shall constitute a quorum, unlessotherwise determined by the school site council. The act of a majority of themembers (6) present shall be the act of the committee, provided a quorum is inattendance.  Alternates shall be votedupon and have voting rights when serving on behalf of an absent member.










    Article V -Meetings of the School site council


    Section A: Meetings

    Theschool site council shall meet regularly on the __ school day of each month.Special meetings of the school site council may be called by the chairperson orby a majority vote of the school site council.


    Section B: Place of Meetings

    Theschool site council shall hold its regular meetings at a facility provided bythe school, unless such a facility accessible to the public, includinghandicapped persons, is unavailable. Alternate meeting places may be determinedby the chairperson or by majority vote of the school site council.


    Section C: Notice of Meetings

    Writtenpublic notice shall be given of all meetings at least 72 hours in advance ofthe meeting. Changes in the established date, time or location shall be givenspecial notice. All meetings shall be publicized in the following venues: viaConnect Ed and the display box in the hallway.


    Allrequired notices shall be delivered to school site council and committeemembers no less than 72 hours, and no more than 3 days in advance of themeeting, personally or by mail (or by e-mail).


    Section D: Quorum

    The actof a majority of the members present shall be the act of the school sitecouncil, provided a quorum is in attendance, and no decision may otherwise beattributed to the school site council. A majority of the members of the schoolsite council shall constitute a quorum.


    Section E: Conduct of Meetings

    Meetingsof the school site council shall be conducted in accordance with the rules oforder established by Education Code Section 3147(c), and with Robert's Rules of Order or an adaptationthereof approved by the school site council.


    Section F: Meetings Open to thePublic

    Allmeetings of the school site council, and of committees established by theschool site council, shall be open to the public. Notice of such meetings shallbe provided in accordance with Section C of this article.


    Article VII -Amendments


    Anamendment of these bylaws may be made at any regular meeting of the school sitecouncil by a vote of two-thirds of the members present. Written notice of theproposed amendment must be submitted to school site council members at least 3days prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered foradoption.

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