• Communications

    Our Mission 

    The Communications department works on developing ways to measure progress towards our goal to ensure every student is educated for college, equipped for a career, and empowered with character. The guiding principle for our department is to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to graduate from Madera Unified with the greatest number of post-secondary options from the widest array of choices. This will be done through the development of real-time action-oriented dashboard indicators which will be used to facilitate leadership in decision-making and executing the Cycle of Inquiry (COI) process. Accountability utilizes a five-step process to develop and monitor dashboard indicators.
    1. Determine what dashboard indicators need to be measured
    2. Develop a process to populate dashboard indicators
    3. Determine realistic targets for dashboard indicators
    4. Develop a monitoring plan to measure progress toward a target
    5. Complete the process to evaluate dashboard results against a target and determine the relevance of dashboard indicator to district goal (COI)
    We are also responsible for the overall communications of the school district, which includes coordination with the media, the development of communication materials, and other marketing collateral. Communications materials such as the Madera Minutes, the We Believe Newspaper, and the district's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media accounts are created and managed by the Communications Department.