• Personnel Commission
    The Personnel Commission and Merit System provide the framework for the personnel management system for classified employees of the school system and for fostering advancement of career service. The Commission enacts and implements rules and regulations pertinent to job classification, recruitment/selection and examination procedures as well as hearing procedures for appeals of disciplinary/dismissal matters, examination protests, and various other personnel practices. Section 45220 through 45320 of the Education Code and appropriate sections of the Government Code provide authority for Personnel Commission functions.

    The Merit System of Madera Unified School District was voted in by a majority of the District's Classified Employees on Sept 12, 2007. On June 5, 2008, Henry Perea was hired as the Commission's first Director of Classified Personnel. Since then, the Commission has been implementing the new Merit System. The Personnel Commission has performed its activities and responsibilities in an effective manner and wishes to take this opportunity to briefly acknowledge the high level of cooperation of the employees, the Board of Trustees, and District Administration.

Last Modified on June 16, 2017