• Communications

    Our Mission 

    The Madera Unified Communications Department plays a crucial role in supporting the district's mission of "creating and sustaining a culture enabling Madera Unified students to experience an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially and personally transformative." The department facilitates communication with both internal and external audiences, building and maintaining relationships to continue the high level of community support and engagement throughout Madera Unified and its schools. The department is essential to the district's accountability to its stakeholders because it helps MUSD demonstrate that it is fulfilling its mission and meeting goals set forth by the school district's board and the Board of Education. Efficient, proactive communication is the foundation for a strong public school district that is truly unified and supported by its stakeholders and community.

    The Communications Department is responsible for the school district's overall communications, including coordination with the media, the development of communication materials, and other marketing collateral. The department also manages communications materials and platforms such as the Madera Minutes, the We Believe Newspaper, and the district's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube media accounts.