• The Weekly Bulletin of the Madera Breakfast Lions Club

    December 13, 2018

    The Madera Breakfast Lions Meet at 6:30 Every Thursday Morning Cedar Creek Senior Living, 500 North Westberry Blvd., Madera, CA Visit us online at www.maderabreakfastlions.org District Governor 4-A1: Don Gall; Region Chair: Paula Hansen; Zone Chair: Shirley Medeiros

    LOD: 12-6-18 – LION GALEN 

    Lion Galen’s guest was David Raygoza, Principal of the Madera Adult School. Mr. Raygoza began his presentation by reviewing an audio he had just listened to by motivational speaker, Earl Nightengale. The gist of the talk was that many do not know how to think. Instead they lead lives driven by impulses. 

    Typically, those who are enrolled at Madera Adult Ed do not have adequate support systems. Rather, they often come from broken families, families distressed by poverty, families engaged in drug or alcohol abuse, or families with incarcerated parents. Adult Ed teachers do what they can to offset these deficits by becoming engaged with the students and by demonstrating authentic interest in and caring for the students. 

    In view of these distressing realities, a major thrust of the Adult Ed program is for staff to help adult students overcome impulsiveness (often self-destructive if not self-limiting) and instead lead lives guided by rational, productive choices. Staff must model good thinking, explicitly help students examine their life situations, assist them to formulate realistic goals, and encourage them to revise their self-expectations and dreams. All staff – from office workers through teachers – are reminded to be welcoming and friendly. 

    The Madera Adult Education program has had a history of ups and downs. Prior to the recession of 2008, there were approximately 3,000 students and budgets were in the multiple millions of dollars. As a means of adjusting to loss of school revenues, CA authorized school districts to transfer adult education funds into K-12 programs. This stripped Adult Ed down to 300 and reduced the budget to approximately $675,000. Madera Adult Ed has gradually restored some of its all-time high enrollment and now reaches around 1,000. 62% of the student population is comprised of adults from 18 to 35. There are some students, who are in their 70s.

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Principal Raygoza and Lions Club President Lt. Col. Bill Jones.