Mr. Oracio Rodriguez



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Mr. Oracio Rodriguez

Welcome to Madera South High School for the 2018-19 school year. Our entire staff is excited to have another exciting, rewarding, and successful year as our Stallion traditions continue to grow. Madera South has become the premier institution our community expects and respects and we’re proud the class of 2021 is now a part!

The Stallion Staff is committed to providing all our students with the best education possible in a safe, supportive, and challenging environment. Our community expects us to help you leave Madera South with the skills needed for your future goals.

As a Stallion, you will be held to a high standard. Be prepared for high expectations from our entire staff and we refuse to accept failure. Your honest and best effort will be required every day and we encourage you to accept the challenges ahead.

High school is an exciting and pivotal time in your life. At times it will be rewarding and at others, it will be disappointing. The time will fly by quickly and your opportunities for involvement will, too, so please proactive and reach out to your teachers, advisors, and coaches. We encourage you to work hard, pursue excellence, and get involved at every chance you get. Your decisions these next four years will make all the difference and every day counts!

It is truly an honor to serve my hometown and a school I love. We are happy to welcome you to a new journey and we are confident you will find a safe and supportive home in the Stallion community. Good luck these next four years and we’re proud to welcome the class of 2021 with open arms!

Make each and every day count!!!


Oracio Rodriguez

Principal, Madera South High School