• For black students, involvement in clubs and organizations can be critically important. Despite integration, civil rights gains and living in an era of diversity and multiculturalism, people still seek to find others like themselves as a means of establishing their identity. The first Black student union was founded in 1966 at San Francisco State University. Shortly after, Black student unions were established at other campuses across the nation. Black student unions developed from the Black Campus Movement, which took place between 1965 and 1972. This was a pivotal moment in history where African American college students demanded and protested for increased campus inclusivity.

    Student involvement can be very important and rewarding. It can contribute to a student's sense of belonging on campus and their academic persistence. Many students report that involvement in student clubs and organizations gives them a sense of purpose. They also get to meet new people and build essential leadership skills. Additionally, these organizations can have a positive impact on a student's identity development and academic success. Madera South High School's main goal is to ensure students are provided with a supportive community.