• Academics

    Spring 2015 Progress Report Dates (Every 4 Weeks)
    February 6 - 4 Week Progress Report
    March 20 - 9 Week Progress Report
    May 1 - 13 Week Progress Report
    June 5 - Semester Report   *Senior grades due May 29
    **9 Week grades will determine athletic eligibility

    Parent-Student-School Compact
    Madera  High School is always making changes in the educational process to ensure that M.H.S. students are receiving the highest quality education possible. The expectations for students, staff and parents are outlined in the Parent-Student-School Compact located on page 8 of the Student-Parent Handbook. Please read the Parent-Student-School Compact and make every attempt to adhere to the Compact for the 2014-2015 school year.
    The Madera Way

    Be Prepared!
    The second change is all M.H.S. student will be required to bring the necessary supplies to school every day as stated in the Parent-Student-School Compact.  The necessary supplies are as follows:  3 ring binder w/dividers for separate classes, paper, pencil (pen if required by individual teacher), and Student ID card.  Students, who cannot afford these items, need to let their career school office know and the items will be supplied.