• School of Human Services
    Phone: (559) 675-4455

    Students in the School of Human Services will gain knowledge and communication skills in career areas that focus on work with the public. Careers in education, child development, protective services, social services, the food industry, and housing industry are explored in the School of Human Services.
    Students in this school have an interest in participating actively in the community, usually on a one-to-one basis. The common thread of courses is “people helping people.” Because of this, it is our goal that each be involved in planning and performing a substantial volunteer activity as a part of the school’s service learning component.
    Through academic classes and hands on experience, students who complete the program will be properly prepared for their futures, whether college or technical training is pursued or students enter the job market directly from high school.
    The Kampus Kettle, teacher prep and law enforcement programs are included in this career school.
    School of Business

    More than one million workers will be employed in business related careers. The School of Business prepares students for further study in the field of business at universities, colleges, or technical schools and trains students to enter this exciting job market.
    The environment of the School of Business is technology-intensive, with plenty of opportunity for hands-on instruction from a well-trained and educated staff. Technology experiences for students include use of both Windows and Macintosh computers, using the most current and popular computer software available.
    A major emphasis of the school is to help students to make a connection between their high school education and career goals. In addition to offering a course of study that satisfies State frameworks and graduation requirements, students can take advantage of internships, work experience, job shadowing, skills training, and career exploration
    Vice Principal
    Ms. Regina Carr
    Regina Carr

    Administrative Assistant
    MariaElena Uribe
     MariaElena Uribe

    Julia Magallon
    10-11th Grade A-S
    12th Grade A-Z
    Ms. Lomas
    Mrs. Magallon is available
    everyday and located
    in the Human Services
    office. Appointments
    are recommended
    but not necessary.

    Sylvia Prado
    10-11th Grade T-Z 
    Sylvia Prado  

    Isabel Gil
    9th Grade 
    isabel olvera

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