• Attendance Policy
    Attendance Clerk: 675-4444 x1141

    Regular attendance and promptness to class are important components of a student’s academic success. In order to achieve academic success, students need to be in school as many days as possible. Being tardy to class interrupts classroom instruction and may hinder attendance accounting.


    Attendance reports are posted in every classroom by ID number. This report is a period by period attendance check. Each day, we know the period(s) the student has missed the previous day.  In 2nd period, it is the student’s responsibility to check the list and clear unexcused absences or report attendance errors.


    Every Monday, an attendance report will be distributed to all classrooms that will list the absences from the previous week.  ALL absences from the previous week must be cleared by Wednesday in order for the absence(s) to be excused. 


    Absences for the following reasons are excused for the purposes of this policy:

    ·   Illness

    ·   Quarantine

    ·   Medical, Dental, Optometric, or Chiropractic

    ·   Funeral for a member of the immediate family

    ·   Jury Duty


    Justifiable personal reasons approved by the principal or designee, i.e., court appearance, holiday or ceremony observance of his/her religion, parent request approved in advance by the administrator.  (Ed. Code 46010, 48204.)


    The Attendance Autodialer system will automatically call in the evening when your student has one or more uncleared period absences that day.